The Ring

he wears a slim band on his left hand

scratches the ring on the testing stone

explains about the bottles of acid

18 carat, 15 carat, 14 carat, 10

I notice the day’s price of gold on

a white board – changeable

pour the acid there

the right one illuminates the gold

the jewellers were on 10th avenue

he was angry and lurking in the back

she placated, seemed nervous

I wanted something simple, unusual

white gold that swirled from

smooth to gnarled patterns

he never wanted a ring

didn’t want to be branded

didn’t mind that I would be

man with the slim band weighs the ring

plugs numbers into his computer

carat times weight times today’s price

the ring wasn’t ready on time

came in over budget

their marriage was on the rocks

the shop closed soon after

everything portent in hindsight

pour the right acid on a ring

and its true character

shines through



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